Opinion: Are We Dangerous If We Have Bipolar?

I made the mistake of reading through a few different posts on Quora. Specifically, ones that talked about Bipolar as it fascinates me to what other people thing. Well anyway the post I was reading asked is Bipolar Disorder dangerous. Now there is an overwhelming number of posts who agree that people with Bipolar can be dangerous, this rattles my nerves a bit, I am sure not everyone with Bipolar is dangerous.

Extraordinarily dangerous

Direct Quote From Quora

I acknowledge that we do take risks and indulge in reckless behaviours when we are manic/hypo-manic. But dangerous?

Bipolar Disorder can be dangerous both to the individual suffering from it and those around him/her.

I guess I can understand where some people are coming from. We have a higher risk of suicide and take risks when manic, but that could be anybody. Your everyday Joe Bloggs, could be more dangerous. What I am trying to say is that it shouldn’t be the illness that makes you dangerous.

What are your thoughts on this subject? are we more dangerous?


  1. Sadly, this is the stigma we are up against. That is why we have to educate people about what BP truly is. Still, so many people are misinformed. Thinking that people with bipolar are active shooters when they are off their rocker. There was a lot of upswing in the news here in the US about people committing dangerous crimes and of course, they were bipolar. But it was never said if they were off their medications or over/under medicated. And all of these things make a difference. Having the right med cocktail is key, and if it is off just even a tiny bit *some* can become aggressive and yes dangerous. But in general people with Bipolar are NOT dangerous. Quora is not really a good place to get solid information. Reddit is also not a good place to get solid information. But they are both great places to fight stigma and try to educate people.

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