First Night As An Inpatient

I’ll start off by saying I am not in the hospital but at a mental health respite / recovery centre. This place has four rooms in the main building, of which I am in one of them and sixteen self-contained units for the residential patients who stay for longer.

On arrival at the place I was nervous, my mind was racing and I couldn’t really comprehend what was happening. The staff were very welcoming and have been great throughout the stay.

I was shown my room and given a short tour of the facility. The room is basic, it has a bed, chair, some drawers and a cupboard. However, I have opted to keep all my gear in my bag. There is also internet here, which is great as I can communicate and see whats happening in the outside world.

Another thing is that throughout the day they have my medications all ready to go in little blister packs. I have been prescribed Lorazepam as a PRN medication.

My first night was event-less, after my medications I went asleep and slept right through until about 7:30am.

Now I am sitting here with my laptop writing this post. I am hoping to discharge myself today and head back home. My cats need feeding.

Here’s hoping that today is a good day.

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