So since I am currently in respite care for my mental health I have a bit of time on my hands to share with you, what I believe, to be some of the best art that reflects mental health.

#1 Cycling Down

u/fylum at /r/Bipolar

I love how this piece makes me think about my deep down depression trying to escape and take over my mania. An excellent art piece in my view.

#2 Face of Two Emotions

Credit: Bob Cheng (Pinterest)

The way this one shows two different people as one. Another wonderful representation of bipolar.

#3 Two Different People

Source Unknown

I love how this image shows two clear people, the one in bed showing mania and the blue showing depression.

#4 Internal Demons

Source Unknown

This wonderful art piece in my opinion shows the noise we have within our minds. The constant battle with our own mentality.

#5 Split Personalities

Source Pinterest

At number 5 this one shows the distinct moods that those with bipolar battle with on a daily basis. The mania trying to overcome the depression.

Well I hope you enjoyed the art I found. If you have any to share, or maybe one of the above is yours (I will obviously give you credit) then get in touch. Leave a message in the comments.