Short Term Memory Loss With Lithium

I have recently found myself becoming forgetful. Not just forgetting to turn off a light, instead forgetting most things I plan on doing. For example, I could be in the kitchen and have a grand idea to go and read a book, seconds later that memory has gone and I have no memory of ever thinking it. It’s getting to the point now that I have to write most of my thoughts and ideas down on paper. I am not sure whether it’s the lithium or olanazapine. Could be both, could be none, could be am getting old… Who knows.

I am just going to keep writing down my thoughts, its working so far.


  1. A lot of meds have this as a side effect. Totally not unheard of. You will find most people being treated for bipolar have memory issues. I keep a notebook on the coffee table so I can jot things down as they come across my mind. Because as soon as they come, they leave. It is important to find a way to deal with this. I’m glad you have decided to jot stuff down. It really does help.

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  2. I’m really grateful you posted this. Ironically, I’ve been meaning to check if this side effect is normal and I keep forgetting 🤣🤣

    One thing that saves my life is my echo. I set reminders for my future self – for anything.

    It’s been getting embarrassing how I’m blanking mid convo and whatnot but now I’m feeling better 🤣😊

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