I Miss The Mania – Being Stable Borders on Depression

I have been on lithium and olanzapine for a few weeks now. The purpose of it was to get me out of a manic cycle I have been on for a long time. I can now say I haven’t been manic for a few days, I have been ‘stable’.

Being stable for me sucks, it is when am stable that I start falling into depression. The lack of euphoria just makes life boring.

How do people function when being stable of medication? I was at a course today and found I was sleepy and near zombie like. Is that what the powers that be want? Us to be sedated? I know I sound paranoid but you never know…


  1. It can be frustrating. I know the struggle. I’m so use to being either Hypomanic or Depressed that I don’t really know what it’s like to be stable. Stable mental health is a foreign concept to me.

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