Paranoid Episodes on the Increase

As I write this article I am lying on the floor in my living area of my house. All the curtains are closed and I am locked in. I haven’t really explored this further, I just thought I couldn’t be bothered with the outside world, now I admit it could be something more sinister…

I have paranoia.

After searching deep into my mindset I am afraid people are out to get me, I feel that if I cannot see outside they cannot see inside. I know this is an irrational thought process but I cannot stop it.

I acknowledge I have this problem. Phew! that felt good.

It has been happening for a few months and now I can only accept it as being a part of the bipolar, or do I have paranoid schizophrenia. That is a question I may pose to my psychiatrist. Does anyone else suffer from paranoia, is it part of bipolar or something else?

I am finding writing for this blog has so much therapeutical properties, I am able to get what is on my mind onto paper (digital paper) and it helps me process what am going through much better.

So my closing questions are:

Is paranoia a sign of schizophrenia or bipolar?

If you suffer with paranoia, how do you manage?

My current song and thoughts below:


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