Getting On-Top Of My Health

Since the big event (Mental Breakdown) I have really had time to focus on my health. From watching what I eat to doing some exercise. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t done nowhere near as much exercise as I should be doing, and my diet is still not perfect. A visit to the doctors today really hit home, in terms of how I have neglected my health.

My total cholesterol was sitting at 8.0! My blood pressure at 155/90 and my weight has jumped to 93kg. I was, as you could imagine in shock, more so with the weight gain. I usually sit around 84kg (with small beer gut) and now I am sitting almost 10kg heavier with a bigger beer gut, capable of holding a barrel. Back when I was younger I was athletic and had a lean body to accompany it, now I look like am pregnant (Hope nobody asks me if I am lol).

The cholesterol sitting at 8.0 is also worrying and the doctor has put me on Atorvastatin to get it under control, now I have taken this before and the side effects sucked (back then my cholesterol was 6.4), but since my cholesterol is now 8.0, i’ll just have to suck it up and try get them levels down. The blood pressure is also edging into the hypertensive barriers and will need monitoring, lucky I can monitor it on the ambulance. I will have to force myself to workout *sigh*

To conclude all of these findings I am a prime suspect for a heart attack! So I better sort my sh*t out!

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