Am Zombie & I Know It

*Am Zombie & I Know It* Said in the tune of Am Sexy And I Know It by LMFAO.

I think I have discovered the cause of the zombie state I have been in recently. Olanzapine. It has to be the Olanzapine and not the lithium. Here is a quick run down of my medications and how I came up with that ground breaking assumption/fact.

I have been on lithium for about three months now, never felt like a zombie or slowed down at all, just manic all the time. Since I have been manic for so long the pdoc put me on a few different anti-psychotic medications, I forget the names. I have now been on 10mg of Olanzapine for about a month.

Usually, after about half an hour of taking them I feel sleepy which is a normal effect of the medication. The next day I am honestly like a zombie. I find my self driving with my mouth open drooling, yes drooling like Homer Simpson when he sees a pork chop. What the actual F*&K! I feel like I should be in the asylum with a white jacket on.

This zombie like effect cannot be normal? anyone else have similar effects?

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