Mini Tour of New Zealand

This tour was more of an unexpected, due to going to a tangi (funeral) in the far north of New Zealand. From where I live it takes a good 6 hours if you don’t stop to get to the Ngawha (the location). So we decided to stop at my partners mums who lives half way (In Auckland), for a sleep over.

We left the next morning at 6am to get to Ngawha at roughly 9:45am. The service started at 10am.

Misty Meadows

Ngawha is a very remote (in my opinion) location about an hour north of Whangarei. The weather was stunning for the occasions and hundreds of people turned up.

Ngawha is just a load of fields.

As the tangi was at a marae we had to follow some protocols, such as being welcomed onto the marae. Once the service concluded at the marae, the final step was to bury the deceased at the cemetery which was about a kilometer up the road.

Flag at Half Mast

And finally a picture of a really old church, apparently the oldest in New Zealand according to one person I spoke to.

During this journey and tangi I thought that I would struggle with my bipolar moods, but nope, I have continued to stay stable, which is great.

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  1. Beautiful fotos. This makes me want to visit New Zeland. I think I am going to put that on my travel wish list! And hey, geat to hear that you are level at the moment. Excellent!

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