Busy Being Busy

I woke up earlier this morning, about 6am. Usually, I wake up around 7 to 7:30. So to begin with I wasn’t in my normal routine, and I like to keep a good routine. Secondly, my partner left for work about 6:30am. Leaving me to sit around and think of things to do, since I have no job. So I am sure you can imagine what I did…I cleaned the fridge and freezer then continued to organize the pantry, again.

Once the clock hit 8am I knew the supermarket was open so I went over to do some grocery shopping, got in some essentials as you do. Following on from the supermarket I went to the local computer store with the aim of purchasing a new tool kit. I didn’t end up getting a tool kit, instead I bought a new desktop computer for my blogging. Again, didn’t really need it as I have a Macbook I use. Well know I have a desktop too.

The rest of the morning was passed upgrading the desktop to Windows 10, eating some lunch and creating an ad for Facebook to advertise my e-Cycling business idea (Yep another grand idea). I am not sure if you can tell but my mania is back and rocking its excitable hand.

So now I am sitting here on my new desktop, accepting I am about to be manic for a few days/weeks/months. The thing is, I feel great and I enjoy the mania. I am going to try and see how my spending goes and attempt to regulate myself.

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