1. Favourite Music Artist/s?
  2. Favourite Book?
  3. Favourite TV Show?
  4. What’s Your Sexuality?
  5. What Mental Illness Have You Got?
  6. What Medications Are You On?
  7. How Long Have You Been Depressed?
  8. What’s A Saying You Live By?
  9. Who’s Your Favourite Actor/Actress?
  10. How Would You Describe Yourself?
  11. What’s Your Favourite Drink?
  12. What’s Your Favourite Food?
  13. What’s The Worst Thing You’ve Ever Done To Yourself?
  14. Have You Ever Been Arrested?
  15. What Do You Do To Calm Down?
  16. How Do You Cope?
  17. Have You Ever Been an Inpatient in a Mental Health Facility?
  18. Where Are You From?
  19. How Old Are You?
  20. Favourite Memory of 2018?
  21. Mental State Right Now?
  22. What’s Your Biggest Fear?

Post your responses as a comment to share 🙂