So my partner and I are currently on a road trip for a tangi which is 459km away. A tangi is a native maori funeral service.

The drive involves driving through the city of Auckland where more than 80% of New Zealanders live. The traffic is hell.

The first part of the journey is from Tauranga to Auckland which takes about 3hrs. We are staying the night in Auckland at my partners mums house.

Then tomorrow we depart at 6am on our way to the far north. This will take another 3 hours. The service will only be an hour then we travel 6hrs back to Tauranga.

Luckily the sun is shining and we may do some touristy stuff while in the Bay of Islands. Photos to follow.

My bipolar has been stable the last few days. Today am feeling good, had my ears suctioned this morning which made a difference. It seems 800mg Lithium and 100mg Olanzapine seem to be making the difference.