I have learnt over these past few months that your friends come and go, mainly go when you have a mental illness. Funny isn’t it. Just today I was sitting down thinking “What happened to my friends”. When my I had my mental breakdown they were quick to come to my aid and call the doctors, etc. That was it. I never heard anything from them for the past few months. That is bar one friend, he has been reaching out and coming to hang out on a sporadic basis, much more than the others.

Life can get lonely.

Lucky I also have a wonderful partner who has been there with me from the beginning and continues to be there for me. I am so lucky to have her, she is my stable rock in this new world of mental illness I am climbing through.

Did anyone else’s friends go missing in action when you were at your worst? What are your experiences keeping friendships?

Kia Kaha,