Have Been Assigned A Case Worker

As the title says I now have a case worker who checks up on me regularly to make sure am alive I guess. He is a registered nurse and a nice guy. Had my first meeting with him today, we just chatted about life. Was very informal. Was actually good to just chat with somebody.

Kudos to you New Zealand this is a great step in helping those with mental health issues have somebody to connect with.

I wonder what systems are in place in other countries? This service is free as is all other medical services here.

What do you guys have?


  1. I have a social worker covered by private insurance. Only psychiatrists are covered by the province. Canada has great health care but we lag somewhat on mental health.


  2. The health insurance in the U.S. is shit. i’m lucky since i don’t make much, I qualify for Medicaid a.k.a. Obamacare. So my insurance is great. It covers everything except glasses, which I do need. But my last insurance plan before this, covered hardly anything. I paid full price for prescriptions. And they paid less out than I was paying in.

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