A Bit of Excitement

I have been out of full time work now for a few months, due to my breakdown. I was working as an Elementary Teacher and part time Ambulance Officer. Now I still do a few night shifts on the Ambulance, but I am wanting full time work due to the need to have more money.

Now this new prospect of a job has been one hell of a process, it must be a government thing. I have decided to move away from teaching as I was getting fed up with all the politics in it and constant worthless paperwork.

This new job is working for the government in the position of an Officer (I have been vague on purpose). The process began with completing an application form, then if successful an online interview, if successful again you got to go and do two formal written tests. If all of that works out you get a 1:1 interview. I am at the 1:1 interview stage.

Interest in this job was high they told us at the testing centre, with over 250 applicants applying. We were the lucky 6. Now am not sure how many of us got an interview, I am sure I will find out.

This job has been one I have wanted for a long time. It’s dealing face to face with the public and at the same time a very respected career path.

So my interview is tomorrow at 10:30am, the drive will take me an hour and a half and hopefully I can find a park in the city.

I am just about to prepare for this interview as it’s quite the process.


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