Mental Health and Gaming

Remembering back when I was at University studying towards being a teacher, I vividly remember a heated debate about whether gamification in education is advantageous to children.

There were lots of pros and cons brought out into the debate, here are a couple I remember:


  • Children will start to lose their fine motor skills and subsequently not have good craftsmanship.
  • Children will just use it to play fun games on and not learn anything.
  • Children should read a real book.


  • Offers children with learning challenges a new way to learn.
  • Allows children to become problem solvers and learn how to code.
  • Future proof our children. The use of pen and paper is a dying art form and children need to be proficient in the use of technology.
  • More books available for children online.

Now as an educational technologist I obviously side with the use of technology. Now I don’t mean just give a kid an iPad and say off you go. What I envision is an educated teacher using the iPad or device as a tool for learning. Teach the children how to use it meaningful. Using apps like Gmail (Older kids), Docs, Excel and PowerPoint will greatly benefit the students.

Now with all that in mind I now bring it back to myself and my bipolar. Gaming allows you to think analytically, it makes you think and make judgements in a safe environment. I personally think that gaming could be beneficial to those people who are afflicted with autism and Aspergers. I have seen first hand the benefit technology and gaming has on their ability to develop their social skills with their peers.

I personally like to play Fortnite, it allows me to forget all the demons hanging around my brain and it gives me a sense of happiness.

What are your experiences of gaming, has it helped you?

One comment

  1. I’m trying to get into Dauntless right now. But not having much success. The last game I played was American McGee’s Alice. My problem is, I hyperfocus on gaming. Everything else goes away. I immerse myself. And I don’t feel that is particularly healthy for me. We have a PS and a lot of games. I have tried to play a few different games, but I get confused with all the buttons and combinations of buttons. Why can’t they just bring back the good old Atari Joystick? Is Fortnight free? What platform is used? I’ve heard a few things about it, but not sure if I have the tools to play.


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