Hot Days and Lithium

Some of the side effects of using lithium are dehydration and excessive sweating. Now combine those side effects with the heat and humidity of living in the tropics you end up with some additional unwanted effects.

I am starting to associate some symptoms I have been experiencing back to lithium. To put it in context, I live in Northern New Zealand. We have a subtropical climate. Currently it’s sitting at 28c outside with a humidity of 97%. To put it in a nutshell it’s bloody hot as hell.

During these hot days I have been becoming more fatigued, more so than the usual fatigue from just the lithium. I am also becoming sensitive to the light when the sun is beaming down.

Does anyone else living in a hot climate experience anything similar or maybe different? Would be interested to know.


  1. I also have problems with lithium when the temperature gets into the high 20s. I always drink a lot of water, but when it’s hot I feel better when I also replace electrolytes with something like coconut water.


  2. Though I am not on Lithium, I do suffer from the heat during the summer here. Some of my meds say “Stay out of heat” so I spend as much as my time as possible indoors with the air conditioner or I have a little fan necklace that I also wear. I also have these cloth pieces that have some of goo in them that expands when you wet them, and tied around your neck they provide a cooling effect. A cool dude like you probably doesn’t want to wear a fan necklace or a piece of cloth around your neck. Haha! But their are places on the internet that sell clothes for people who are hot (in temperature, not in looks, though I don’t see why you couldn’t be both). Easiest thing to do is hydrate and stay out of the heat as much as possible.


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