Hypersexuality in Bipolar

The urge to want to have sex is a common trait for many across this globe of ours. Most of us enjoy taking part in it for both recreation and making babies. So at what point does it become hypersexuality?

By definition hyper basically means elevated or excessive. So how does one identify as being hypersexual?

  • Is it having sex more than five times a week?
  • Is it having sex everyday of the week?

I am no psychiatrist and only have my own experiences to use as a reference. When I am hypersexual my mind will often work like this everyday:

  • She’s sitting next to me > My mind is thinking about having sex right now.
  • Girl on TV > I want sex.
  • Cooking dinner > I want sex.
  • She’s driving the car > I want sex.
  • My mind is just thinking about sex non stop, every hour of everyday.

Then I have sex, 10 minutes later I want to go again.

I know this is a taboo area to discuss but I feel if it’s our in the open we can become more comfortable talking about it and getting any support or help we need.

What are your experiences with hyoersexuality?


  1. As a female, its hard to talk about because we are classified as “sluts,” “whores,” and “loose.” I get what you are talking about though. I have a very high sex drive and it is almost stressful. My husband and I have a terrible relationship and haven’t had sex in years. Sex consumes every thought on some days. Do you find being hypersexual frustrating? I want it all the time and can’t have it.

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