Being Positive About Having Bipolar

It’s hard at times, I admit. But if we can be positive about having Bipolar it will no doubt make us feel better in the long run. We all know about the bipolar moods, the elated highs and the soul crushing lows – but what if they are what make us more unique than the regular person. When we have our episodes of mania, we create, we do, we achieve but in doing those we become destructive.

It’s that creativity that makes us unique.

“So the chaos produced by the highs and lows characteristic of bipolar disorder lead those experiencing it to discard the normal rules of communication and format when it comes to artistic creations” Frank, N (2019). 

Natalie points out in her article that it is the highs and lows that we have that allow us to become more creative in our everyday life. I can relate to this when I think back to most of my previous jobs. In those jobs I was always rapidly promoted due to my creative hard work (Then I would lose that job when my mood swong the other way).

It’s no surpise that a number of high flying individuals have bipolar, individuals like:

  • Russell Brand
  • Mariah Carey
  • Carrie Fisher
  • Mel Gibson
  • Kurt Curbain
  • Jimmy Hendrix
  • Vincent Van Gogh
  • List Here

You will see from the list about that there is an abundance of high profile creative individuals on that page.

My question is, what creative part of you come out during your elated moods?

Mine is making money. I have an unfound ability to make a lot of money and progress up career ladders during my highs. I also spend a lot of money during said highs, so end up with nothing all the time. One day I will figure out how to not spend all my money and be broke.

Frank, N., Ph.D. (2019, March 14). Uncovering the Beauty of Instability in Bipolar Disorder and the Writing Life. Retrieved March 15, 2019, from


  1. I have many artistic ideas and start lots of creative projects…. but rarely finish them. I also get more creative in the bedroom if I’m experiencing hypersexuality. I tend to get lots of ideas at work too, usually about new projects and endeavours. They are good ideas, not always feasible but sometimes it turns out really well. You win some, you lose some!

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  2. I tend to create projects in my house. I’ll start a really neat craft. I’ll pick a room and decide I want to decorate it in a different way (I recently did a harry potter bathroom). The problem is when my hypomania goes away, it takes forever for me to finish anything.

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