It’s Time! Time To Get Fit and Healthy

It’s been a long time coming.

I used to sit around 80kg which was perfect for my height, I was slim and had a minimal beer belly. I could even fit 32inch pants. That was about 10 years ago. A lot has happened in ten years and here I am today, at my heaviest ever. 90.1kg I am today, which is heavy and I have a beer belly. For some reason it has hit me hard, and I decided today that I want to do something about it. Being on lithium and olantapine doesn’t help as these two medications can cause weight gain.

So the plan…

I have put together an achievable regime for the first week that I hope I can stick to, it will look something like this:

  • 7,280 kilojoules daily.
  • 30 minute brisk walk.
  • 1 hour cycle.
  • 10 push ups.
  • 20 situps.
  • Mixed run (1 minute run, 5 minute walk, 2 minute run, 5 minute walk, 1 minute run, 5 minute walk and a 2 minute run).
  • No alcohol.
  • Take a multivitamin daily.

This is just the start, I am hoping to increase the intensity each week.

My goals are:

  1. Get to 80kg within 3 months.
  2. Lose the beer belly within 6 months.
  3. Be able to run 2.5km without stopping and under 15 minutes by the end of the year.

Is anyone else on a sort of fitness / health plan out there? What things are you doing?



One comment

  1. I walk daily for an hour or two. While I’ve been out of work it’s given me a sense of achievement. My mental health has been a lot better as well. I’ve been doing this for the last month or so. 90 kg is the heaviest I’ve got to in the past. At the moment I’m 83kg which is a healthy weight for me.

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