From Quetiapine to Olanzapine

As you may know I have been in a state of mania for some time. I was initially taking quetiapine for these past few week, with no change in mood. So today my doctor changed me to Olanzapine to try to get this mania under control.

I am starting on 10mg daily, potentially increasing to 20mg if needed over time.

The side effects all seem very similar to that if quetiapine so let’s hope I notice none of them and instead get back to a normal mood. I have literally nothing left in my house to clean.


  1. I was given 10 mg in the hospital and my mouth went lax-and I was drooling. LOL. I take 5 mg and sleep 26 hours if I don’t have a tolerance. You should be feeling better soon. It might make you feel tired-which is desirable after being manic for so long, I think . Olanzipine is effective. Hope you feel better soon 🙂

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  2. crossing my fingers for you. I got up at 530-ish. It is now 8. I completed all of my chores for the day already. It’s going to be a looooooong day.


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