My Typical Bipolar Weekend

I lay here on my sofa watching Schitt’s Creek while thinking about my weekend and how it has been. I am still going through a manic phase, this has lasted a good two weeks so far. To top it off I am now full of a cold and feeling sorry for myself, because when you’re lonely nobody else will.

Ok, so what happened over this weekend:

  • Organised and cleaned my garage…again. All that manic energy is great when you have those big jobs to do.
  • Took my kids on a small bush walk with a nice waterfall at the end. Was pretty hot about 28C, so was a tough walk.
  • Made a couple of bath bombs with my daughter.
  • Built a big LEGO plane with my son.
  • Went to a dumpling bar with my girlfriend and had the most amazing Sui Mai and craft beer.
  • Cooked my signature curry dish.

Was a nice and active weekend, then I dropped my kids off with their mother and spent the night with just the girlfriend.

Today I am working an ambulance shift (Night Shift) so going to take some cold medication to power through my shift.

Another thing before I forget is I have noticed I am starting to get a small hand tremor. Those side effects hey.

Hope everyone else has had a productive weekend.


  1. p.s. I would be a crappy blogger pal if I didn’t remind you to watch the mania as best as you can.

    When I get hypomanic, I take 25 mg of Zombiefy, I mean Seroquel (quetiapine) to break the mania cycle. What can you do to help yourself with it? Just curious. You know how we Americans are nosy!


    • I still haven’t managed the mania yet, I take 1200mg of lithium and 100mg of quetiapine and I still have mania. I see my psychiatrist next week, she too is trying to find the best med combination to sort it.

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