Getting Mania Under Control in Bipolar

Ok so I thought it was about time I started to get this mania under control. It’s been getting more and more intense over the last few weeks, with my memory and concentration starting to be affected.

I called my psychiatrist who wants me to come in tomorrow and look at swapping out quetiapine for something else.

Here’s hoping I can get it under control, I am fed up killing myself every hour with cleaning and starting random projects.

Has anybody else had luck with other medications in controlling mania?


  1. I use Trileptal. I keep Zyprexa as needed. Haven’t needed it since last August. Trileptal slows my thoughts but has fewer side effects for me than Zyprexa and the med you’re on now. I can’t take Lithium because I have autoimmune thyroid disease and it interacted with replacement hormone. Hope you start feeling calmer soon. Take care.

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