Now I don’t usually post anything about my ambulance shifts, I wouldn’t want to bore you. However, I just had a very bloody shift and have to share about one of the jobs. Obviously, no identifying details will be disclosed.

So here goes, we were sitting at the station when the alarm goes telling us we have a priority one call waiting for us. We jump into the ambulance, find location, hit the siren and lights and head towards this job.

The dispatcher hadn’t really put much down on the job screen. It only said massive blood loss uncontrolled at this address.

So my partner and I arrive and head straight into the property with our gear.

We ask were the patient is, the person points to a kids room, the tension in my stomach is starting to hurt.

We get into the room and can’t find the patient, the person points towards a cage by the wall. We both look puzzled and look at each other. We ask again the location of the patient and the person now frustrated pointed towards the cage and shouted THERE.

It was a guinea pig.

The patient was a guinea pig. We just looked at each other in shock lol

We told the person we weren’t vets and couldn’t help. She seemed puzzled. This poor guinea pig was obviously deceased from significant blood loss from a trauma of some sorts.

She asked if we could perform CPR and use our defibrillator.

I offered my condolences and told her the guinea pig is deceased and we couldn’t help.

She seemed at ease now she knew.

What a very unusual call.