Since my separation from the ex-wife some two years ago we have had a mutual plan when it comes to our children. We have a 50-50 shared custody in place, so 50% of the time they live with me and the other 50% is with their mum.

So this weekend I had the kids, their Mum drops them off with me about 10am on a Saturday because I work night shift on the ambulance on Friday nights.

One thing I have noticed is that my Bipolar has a few days off, well not off, but not depressed. I seem to always be in a manic phase when I have my kids, which is great because I have heaps of energy to do cool things with them.

This weekend we broke down an old solid sofa bed. Got the saws out and some other tools and we went to work on it. Took a good few hours but we had it cut down to small pieces to be recycled easier.

So now I have just dropped kids off at their mums, I won’t see them for a few days. Here’s hoping I have a good few days, I am working on the ambulance so that always turns out to be fun.