Cleaning, Cleaning, Cleaning

I am full of energy today. Actually I have way too much energy. I spend a good three hours cleaning garage, again plus I have cleaned all the windows both inside and out as well as all the window nets. The house is as clean as a hospital operating theatre.

I still sit here thinking what else I need to do.

Mania can be great sometimes.

One comment

  1. Can you please come clean my house??? I’m only, oh, 6,525 miles away from you, no problem!

    On a serious note, when I become hypomanic, I have “emergency Seroquel/quetiapine” at home. It gets me to sleep, although it’s a weird sleep,but the med will keep full-blown mania at bay.

    I’m groggy as hell the next day, and I hate it, but it’s worth that to avoid things getting worse. Do you have anything like that to help?


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