Finding The Calm In A Mania Induced Life

Image by AbsolutVision on Pixabay

Let’s get straight to the point. For the last few weeks I have been living through a whirl wind of emotions, one day I am SUPER AMAZINGLY manic, to the point I am applying for every job on the planet and on other days I sit alone with all the doors and curtains closed wondering how I ended up like this.

To find ones stable place when you have bipolar can be hard, I still find it hard and I have developed some methods that help me. You see I have been in a phase of mania for about 18 months, it has ruined everything I had. I got divorced, had to move out, don’t see my kids as much as I would like to and recently lost my employment. Throw in bankruptcy and a few criminal thoughts in the mix and it’s a recipe for quite major mania.

Heres the thing, I made mistakes but I have learned not to dwell on those mistakes, I have learned another big train of thought also…

This quote is my inspiration to move on

I am close to rock bottom, I hit rock bottom about a month ago. It gives me hope that I can only move forward with my life, and as J. K Rowling says Rock Bottom is the foundation to build your life.

So keep that quote in mind when you think all is but lost!

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