Today Was A Productive Day

Photo by Yura Fresh on Unsplash

A couple of days ago I departed from my job, resigning on medical grounds. I was an elementary teacher, working in the state sector. I did love the job, but the happiness I am feeling being free from it is awesome. As I am still in my mania phase I have conjured up an epic idea, one that my depressed self never managed to do anything about.

I am going to go self-employed!

I spent the majority of today creating a business plan, developing procedures and doing SWOT analysis of my competition. My business will operate on two fronts. One front being home based teacher services and the other being residential computer support services. Two very different businesses I know. Just so you know apart from being a teacher I have also spend a good twenty years earning some side money as a computer technician, going out and repairing computers computers. So I thought why not run two businesses under the same umbrella, by umbrella I mean holding company. I have just been so full of energy its great, I am hoping it lasts for a while so I can get all the administrative side of the businesses sorted.

So apart from my business ventures, I was also having to attend a routine doctors appointment and blood test (lithium). Following on from these I had a hearing test, found out I have fully blocked ears. That will explain why I struggle to hear some times. That’s going to cost me a nice $45 to get cleaned.

All in all I felt today was a good day. Tomorrow I am visiting my psychiatrist for an update on my meds I guess.

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