Today Was A Good Day

Raglan Beach, New Zealand.

I have spent the last day at my girlfriends place, she lives in Hamilton which is central North Island in New Zealand. I live in Tauranga, which is on the northern coast of the same island. On a good day it takes me an hour and twenty minutes to travel to her place. Ok enough of the geography and onto what we did today.

This morning we set off towards Raglan, a small surf town located on the west coast of New Zealand. The weather was looking good so we packed some togs (swimming gear) and started the forty minute drive. The drive to Raglan from Hamilton isn’t long but it’s very windy and the roads resemble spaghetti. Needless to say if you get car sick this won’t be a very good drive.

We arrived just before midday and the town was booming with energy, surfer types everywhere topless or with a bikini on. It resembled something out of Baywatch. Really nice atmosphere about the place, so we popped into a cafe and grabbed some refreshments. I ordered an iced latte, the girlfriend ordered a cappuccino and her son got a hot chocolate. All went down a treat.

Beautifully captured Raglan

Following on from our treat we headed to the beach to go for a paddle and relax. The water as always was immaculate, clear and semi warm. It was just nice to sit there and watch the world go by, so calming. It has been a day of calm for me and this has been amazing for my bipolar.

The girlfriend and I

So in closing I am going to make it my plan to get out into nature, be one with the calm and really enjoy what there is around me. Everyday is becoming a better day than the previous day at the moment, long may it last.

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