The Bipolar Euphoria

Photo by Armin Lotfi on Unsplash

Over the last few days I have been suffering from what I would say is intense euphoria. I can feel it starting then it gets to a point where I feel I can become dangerous or reckless. For example, when I am driving the colours around me begin to become really vibrant and bright…this then leads to a feeling of intense euphoria which makes me take dangerous risks on the road and drive reckless without a care in the world.

This has also happened when I am just pottering around the house, which has been quite good actually as I have cleaned my house that well it could be used as a hospital theatre. I find these moments only last about an hour, following from this euphoria I feel a sense of calm.

I wonder if this is a side effect of lithium or quetiapine? not sure but I will speak to my psychiatrist in a few days about it. Anyone else had similar feelings?


  1. Having been on seroquel (quitepine) for many years, I surmise it is the lithium, perhaps you are not on a theraputic level yet. The seroquel would do quite the opposite, make you tired and sluggish. Unless of course, that is not at the right dose either… Because it squashes mania pretty good. You are in good company though. I’m still on the up and down ride myself. currently on a high. I may be calling my psych and seeing what she has to say. This all started after my increase, so maybe the increase was not such a grand idea? Hey, use it to your advantage. Do all the things! 🙂

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