The Danger of Antidepressants in treating Bipolar.

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In an article published by Chris Green for iNews, he found that a significant amount of patients with bipolar disorder in Scotland are regularly being prescribed antidepressants instead of lithium which has the potential to make the symptoms of bipolar worse. This article really hit home for me, I lived in the UK from birth until I was 24. I too was told I had depression when I was younger and prescribed Citalopram (an antidepressant) which by all means helped with my depression, however, unknowingly to me it was fuelling the mania in my bipolar. I had significant episodes of mania, spend thousands of pounds, lost thousands of pounds, got into heaps of trouble and went through so many different jobs.

Would my life be different today if the doctors back then looked at diagnosing me with bipolar, who knows, what I do know is there is no point looking to the past and instead enjoy what I have to look forward to.

Anyway just thought would add my two cents worth. The article is definitely worth a read. Link is below.

Quarter of bipolar patients in Scotland given wrong medication, study warns.

Chris Green – iNews (link)

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  1. A lot of people ball BP1 and BP2 into one big umbrella category. And they shouldn’t. Because the two are very different. Yes, people with BP1 should not be given antidepressants. They will certainly go manic. BP2 however do respond well with being on antidepressants along with some sort of mood stabelizer. I have BP2. I can attest that have I not been on an antidepressant, I wouldn’t be here. The depression of BP2 can be deathly. I’ve never been hospitalized, thankfully. But there have been times where I thought I was going to need to check myself in because I was just that low and felt there was no hope or point at all. People with BP2 have hypomania. This can get out of control, no doubt about it. However, it is not as strong as full blown mania that people with BP1 experience.

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