Photo by Gilles Desjardins on Unsplash

To kick things off my psychiatrist upped my dose to 800mg of lithium at night yesterday, and boy are the side effects pretty annoying.

So after having a blood test to check lithium levels in my blood the doctor has started increasing my dose to get to the most effective level I guess. I now take two 400mg tablets at night along with quetiapine.

Wow! I didn’t expect side effects to happen so sudden.

Literally, every hour last night I was getting up to pee. I didn’t think I had that must liquid in me but that didn’t stop me constantly needing to pee. Think I can now say last night was a pretty crap sleep.

Is this constant urination something that we have to get used to? or does it go away in time once our bodies are used to the treatment. What are your experiences with this problem?