Relationships and my Bipolar

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I have been doing a bit of reading of late, during this time I have come across a number of articles about how Bipolar has had an affect on their relationships. I found these enlightening as I too have found some of their points relevant to my own relationships.

In findings published in May 2017 in Molecular Psychiatry, the largest MRI study to date on patients with bipolar found there is a thinning of gray matter in regions of the brain responsible for inhibition and emotion.

The above clearly shows that those with bipolar have physical deficiencies when it comes to emotion, maybe this is what causes most of us to struggle with relationships. For me the biggest barrier I have are my own insecurities, I never believe that I am good enough, or what I do will be good enough for somebody else…I feel constant worthlessness about myself.

It is later mentioned that:

“People with[bipolar] feel things very intensely, and that can be amplified in a relationship,” says Farrell. “They’re very attuned to how others are responding or not responding to them, and that can carry an air of sensitivity that other people don’t have to deal with.”

This makes sense as I often spend a lot of time thinking about what my partner is thinking about me.

One big thing I have found out is that being honest is probably the most important aspect of a relationship. I struggled at first, wouldn’t share my feelings with my partner and this frustrated her. It took me time to really feel comfortable in myself and my ability to let my inner battles be told.

Be honest. If you’re having a severe episode and struggling with your symptoms, don’t hesitate to notify your partner and ask for help when you need it. For example, if you’re experiencing a depressive episode and don’t feel like leaving the house, explain this to your partner instead of making an excuse to stay home.

I can with all honesty say the above quote is now central to everything I do. It took a while…but am getting there one step at a time. Nobody is perfect.

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