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I believe my first episode started when I was 16 and working my first full time job. This job was a basic warehouse job, the role involved checking in and out stock from deliveries. I lasted nine months.

It was nearing Christmas, the 23rd December to be exact. We were working until 4pm, usually finish at 12 so we could finish early on Christmas Eve. Well that is what the shift manager told me. As instructed we all worked are arses off.

Arriving the next day we were all excited to be finishing early and being able to enjoy Christmas. That changed at about 11am when we were told we all had to stay until 4pm. The shift manager denied telling us we could finish early. The rest of the staff didn’t seem bothered, I couldn’t let it go and I erupted into a full psycho beast. I smashed computers, tried to attack the shift manager and spoke my mind to everyone. I was obviously fired.

Turned out all the stuff about going home early was in my head, it never happened. I had got to a stage in my mania that made me feel like I was the boss, indestructible,m and able to set my own rules.

I didn’t know I had bipolar then.